About Us

The Prince Edward Island Veterinary Medical Association (PEIVMA) is comprised of approximately 160 members and represented in council by eight volunteers from the membership.

Council as of November 2016

Dr Erin MacDonald, President

Dr Christine Savidge, Vice-President and councillor responsible for public relations of the PEIVMA

Dr Gary Morgan, Registrar

Dr David Lister, Secretary Treasurer 

Dr Juanita Glencross-Winslow, CVMA representative to the PEIVMA

Dr Emilie Laurin, councillor responsible for continuing education matters

Dr Kathy Ling

Dr Caitlin Matters 

Council meets usually 10 times per year to discuss matters that arise in the veterinary community in the province. Matters include policy, complaints, correspondence, etc. Minutes of the meetings are recorded and distributed to the membership and posted on this website. 

The PEIVMA Licensing Board is comprised of the eight councillors and at least one representative from the public. The PEIVMA Licensing Board meets three times per year. Those who have applied for a license to practice veterinary medicine on Prince Edward Island and who meet all the requirements for license are approved by this Board. Periodic inspection of existing clinics and inspection of new clinics is also the responsibility of the Licensing Board.

There is an annual general meeting (AGM) in November that all members are urged to attend for it is at this meeting that new bylaws or amendments to existing bylaws are approved or rejected; new councillors and executive are nominated and elected; and general business of the PEIVMA is discussed and decided by those members in attendance. The AGM is followed by a dinner to which each member attending the meeting may invite one guest.

Mission Statement

The Prince Edward Veterinary Medical Association (PEIVMA) is incorporated under the Veterinary Medical Act of the province of Prince Edward Island. The objectives of the Association are to serve and protect the public interest by:

  • regulating the practice of veterinary medicine through the establishment of registration, professional-conduct, and facilities-inspection processes set out in the Veterinary Medical Act, the regulations and the bylaws of the Association;
  • establishing and promoting standards of professional and ethical practice; and
  • advancing and promoting the practice of veterinary medicine. The Association is an exempt, not-for-profit organization under Section 149 (I) (I) of the Income Tax Act.

Contact Us

The PEIVMA welcomes your comments and questions regarding the practice of veterinary medicine on Prince Edward Island.

Please call 902 367 3757 to leave a voice mail. (This mailbox is monitored continually and a response to your message will be given prompt attention.)
Fax: 902 367 3176
Email us: admin.peivma@gmail.com
Box 21097, 465 University Avenue, Charlottetown, PE, C1A 9H6